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about athletic explorations’


John-Edouard Ehlinger, founder of athletic explorations

John-Edouard Ehlinger (M.Sc.) wants to continue exploring throughout life, to gain lifelong wellness, participating in the benefits with all who share in such a vision. Highly valuing movement quality, well-rounded body and positive attitude, he has been diligently researching and training to uncover a thorough, fun and practical approach to these goals: athletic explorations.
He has the certifications of Functional and Fitness (level 3) Trainer, and is an international sport consultant for the Natural Method of Georges Hébert. The athletic explorations training system evolved from John’s dissatisfaction with the approaches of fitness centres and sports club to truly empower people to access their athletic abilities. Departing from his engineering career, John followed his passion to dedicate himself to humans. His background as mechanical engineer serves him exploring the biomechanics of human locomotor system cross-disciplinary. He lives in Stuttgart with his dear family and has the ability to offer his training in French, German, and English


Based on the acronym of the company name athletic explorations, the a and the e are ligatured to make the letter or grapheme æ. We see it as the infinite ∞ symbol with an entry at the top-left and exit at the bottom-right. Our logo is an ideogram, itself representing the idea of exploration: arrive, make an explorative loop on the right side, then another on the left side, repeat as long as you have fun and finally depart onward to new places. The idea, to simply draw the logo with fingers in the sand, is an expression of our philosophical values towards working with the bare essentials.