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five days of comprehensive æxploration

These four and half days æxplorations and five nights will enable you to live the athletic explorations mindset in context.

progress confidently

You will (re)learn and practice techniques from swimming to climbing through vaulting and many more locomotive skills. Every technique will be adapted to your personal physical abilities and the intensity will be varied to satisfy your personal needs.

learn effectively

John’s ability to convey technical theories with easy to follow demonstrations will ensure you effortlessly retain the important details. Teaching within the environments that inspire John, you will immediately begin expanding your vision to the incredible opportunities readily available at your doorstep. Whether in French, German or English, John is ready to respond to your needs.

athletic condition

You will have many opportunities to apply John’s Contrast Training System and learn about the potential of water, natural food and rest to achieve lifelong wellness.

keep in touch

Meet like-minded people from your area, join our alumni facebook group, stay informed of new material, and receive premium special offers towards further courses.

put into practice

The collection of skills and training adaptations will ensure you are able to æxplore the beauty of our locations, together creating fleeting trails for playing and training.


From Sunday 19:00 to Friday 12:00.


2.000€ per person. This includes three generous meals per day (with local specialities), lodging, airport/train station transfer, transport between various training locations (land and/or water), and any facility entrance fees when applicable to the training sessions.

bare essentials

Take at least a light backpack, hat, t-shirt, boardshorts and sports shoes (ideally minimalist style) for the sunny days. For wet or colder weather, be sure to have suitably warm and water resistant clothing. For our swimming sessions, please bring appropriate swimming suits. To enjoy longer swimming sessions, have with you a diving mask, neoprene shorty and water shoes. Please, bring your sleeping bag, toiletries, and other personal artefacts of interest.

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upcoming events

August 2016
Lake of Gruyère 30th-4th

October 2016
Mallorca 4th-9th

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