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overview of techniques covered by athletic explorations

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overview of techniques covered by athletic explorations (incl. introduction to movement patterns) by John-Edouard Ehlinger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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introduction to movement patterns

contralateral means that limbs are activated “on the opposite sides of the body” (diagonally): i.a. walking, running, bounding strides, crawling, throwing, climbing, front crawl (swimming), cross (boxing), turkish get up (lifting)…
bilateral means that limbs are activated “on both side of the body” (symmetrically): i.a. standing long jump, lifting, carrying, gymnastics (muscle-up, frog, back bridge), yoga (downward dog, crow, wheel), breaststroke (swimming)…
unilateral means that only “one limb of the body” is activated: i.a. balancing, arabesque or warrior III, hanging…
shifted counter-rotating means that “one limb circles clockwise while the other circles counterclockwise shifted by 180° or less”: i.a. cascade (juggling), eggbeater kick (water-polo, lifesaving)…
ipsilateral means that limbs are activated “on the same side of the body”: i.a. gymnastics (cartwheel, side flip, side rotation in or out of back bridge), yoga (half moon, side plank, wild thing), boxing (jab, hook)…
laterality refers to the preference most humans show to activate one side of their body over the other: i.a. right/left-handedness, -footedness, ocular dominance…
cross-dominance refers to a person activating one side for some tasks and the other side for others.
ambidexterity refers to people able to perform any task equally well with either one or the other side, and also activate them at the same time: i.a. tying laces, touch typing, playing an instrument, left-foot braking…

legs | Beine | jambes

english german french pattern
crouch start Tiefstart départ accroupi contralateral
jogging, sprinting & walking Joggen, Sprinten & Gehen jogger, sprinter & marcher contralateral
carioca Überkreuzlauf pas croisés contralateral
lunges Ausfallschritte fentes contralateral
bounding strides Sprunglauf foulées bondissantes contralateral
hurdling Überlaufen franchir en courant contralateral
stair climbing Treppensteigen montée d’escalier contralateral
human car push Menschen schieben pousser de voiture humain mix
precision jump Präzisionssprung saut de précision bilateral
squating Kniebeugen flexion sur jambes bilateral
deadlifting Kreuzheben soulevé de terre bilateral

carry | tragen | porter

english german french pattern
piggyback Huckepack porter sur le dos bilateral
human backpack Menschen-Rucksack sac à dos humain bilateral
fireman’s carry Gamstragegriff porté pompier contralateral
shoulder sit Schultersitz assis épaule bilateral
two high Schulterstand colonne à deux bilateral
casualty drag (one arm) Rautekgriff (Affengriff) Manoeuvre de Rautek mix

crawl | krabbeln | quadrupédie

english german french pattern
rolling Abrollen roulade contralateral
bear crawl Bärengang quadrupédie ventrale contralateral
cat balance Katzenbalance équilibre de chat contralateral
lizard crawl Eidechsengang quadrupédie du lézard contralateral
inchworm crawl Raupengang quadrupédie de la chenille mix
crab crawl Spinnengang quadrupédie dorsale contralateral
around-the-clock rund um die Uhr tour d’horloge contralateral
bridge crawl Brückengang quadrupédie en pont contralateral
walking around hands rund um die Hände gehen marcher autour des mains mix
rotary spit Drehspieß tournebroche contralateral
sloth crawl Faultier-Hangeln quadrupédie en suspension contralateral

vault | überspringen | franchir en sautant

english german french pattern
step vault Schritt-Überwindung passement de sûreté contralateral
speed vault schnelle Überwindung passement rapide contralateral
lazy vault seitliche Überwindung passement latéral contralateral
gate vault Tor Überwindung passe barrière contralateral
leapfrog Bockspringen saute-mouton bilateral
plank vault Armstützsprung saut de gainage bilateral
cat pass Katzensprung saut de chat mix

climb | klettern | grimper

english german french pattern
ape swing (figure ‘8’) Hangeln (im 8er) gibbonage (grand 8) unilateral
diagonal points of contact Digonaltechnik diagonal des forces contralateral
drop knee aka Egyptian Ägypter lolotte contralateral
stemming Spreizkamin opposition en dièdre contralateral
laybacking Piazen Dülfer contralateral
crossunder Unterkreuzen derviche contralateral
mantle Durchstützen rétablissement contralateral
dyno Dynamo jeté bilateral
figure four Figure of four yaniro contralateral
barn-door offene Tür effet charnière ipsilateral
braces Stütz appui de paume ipsilateral
outside flag Hinterscheren drapeau ipsilateral
inside flag Vorderscheren cancan ipsilateral
chimneying Stemmkamin ramonage bilateral
wall run Mauerüberwindung passe-muraille contralateral
combined tactics Baustelle courte échelle mix
walking up (two high) Aufstieg (Schulterstand) monter lat. (colonne à deux) contralateral
monkey tree Affenbaum arbre à singe mix

swim | schwimmen | nager

english german french pattern
dolphin dive Delfinsprünge sauts de dauphin mix
freediving Freitauchen plongée libre mix
breaststroke Brustschwimmen brasse bilateral
frog kick Stoßgrätsche ciseau (grenouille) bilateral
whip kick Schwunggrätsche ciseau (fouet) bilateral
sea lion stroke Seelöwe lion de mer contralateral
head first surface dive Kopfwärts-Abtauchen plongeon canard bilateral
equalization Druckausgleich compensation bilateral
front crawl Kraulschwimmen crawl contralateral
backstroke Rückenkraulen dos crawlé contralateral
sculling Wriggen godille counter-rotating
eggbeater kick Wassertreten rétropédalage shifted counter-rotating
French casualty tow französisches Abschleppen remorquage contralateral
headfirst Köpfer plongeon bilateral

rest | Ruhe | repos

english german french pattern
tea cup balancing Teeschalen balancieren équilibre du bol de thé various
balance walk Balance gehen marche en équilibre unilateral
juggling Jonglieren jonglage various
tying laces Schnürsenkel zubinden attacher ses lacets shifted similar-rotating
self-massage Selbstmassage auto-massage various