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monkey tree

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The sport monkey tree is a cooperative game of physical skills and endurance. Learn more (guideline available momentary only in German)

0:05 The monkey has to climb in a row as many routes as possible on the tree. Each route has a different value; the more difficult is the route, the more points you win.

0:14 Around is the easiest route and can be performed very fast. Climbing from front to back or back to front, you score 1 point anyway.

0:22 Get 2 bonus points for each new route difficulty (max 10 points all together).

0:25 Over is the route of climbing upright over a shoulder, from front to back or opposite, you score 3 points anyway.

0:31 Under is the route of climbing between the roots from back to front, you score 5 points.

0:36 Under from front to back is more challenging as the buttocks form an overhang, you score 7 points.

0:43 Headfirst is the route of climbing headfirst over a shoulder from front to back and to continue through the roots, you score 9 points.

0:50 Climbing the loop from back to front is more challenging as the route includes the overhang, you score 11 points.

0:57 Get 1 bonus point for each mirrored route. For example: over a branch, around the trunk or though the roots.

1:05 The floor is lava! Take 1 penalty point each time you touch whether the floor or the foot of the tree.

1:11 Stay rooted! Take 1 penalty point for each step you have to do.

1:15 Take 2 penalty points each time you grab any clothing, including your own.

1:20 Broken branch! When the monkey overloads a branch or the tree is too tired, branches are broken and hang down until the round is over.

1:28 The rest time between two routes is limited to 10 seconds.

1:31 The round is over as soon as one falls down or gives up, the monkey pushes off the floor or the foot or the tree bends too much forward or helps the monkey in any other way.

1:44 The role reversal break between the two rounds is limited to 60 seconds.

1:49 The reached time of the first round is set as countdown for the return round.

1:54 Is the countdown aborted or the rest time over, take ⅕ penalty point per second.