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exploration: it’s the fuel of discovery, exciting opportunity around every corner!

athletic: lifelong wellness through natural physical activities and systematic training

athletic explorations
bare essentials to progress anywhere

an explorative mindset expands your vision to recognize incredible opportunities

play anytime
minimal equipment, enjoy being light, moving fast, and being adaptable to your course of fun

express everywhere
enhance your available surroundings through movements, creating fleeting trails for playing and training

athletic condition
from swimming to climbing through vaulting and carrying, this comprehensive physical lifestyle unlocks your potential to participate

progress confidently
achieve results through training our holistic contrast system, smartly adapting complexity, volume and intensity

learn effectively
join our compact classes and workshops, providing you detailed guidance and interaction

shallow water runshoulder carry


precision jump take offhuman car push both hands

speed vaultlizard crawl


wood stick chest throw and catchhandstand walk

monkey tree aroundbrachiating


climb-up transitionhuman tower extended arm

head first cliff divingfront crawl


breaststroke frog kickstreamline dolphin kick

balancing along a ropejuggling outside cascade


rock and wood stick balancing

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