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naturally stronger through personal training in Stuttgart

personal training lunge
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cross gait as foundation of the human development

This type of gait makes each stride forward literally perceptible. Your reserves of strength summon up by themselves, when your target is within range of vision.

The human body in locomotion uses a muscular interaction, which runs diagonally through the whole body: from the hand to the opposite foot. These muscles chains are activated crosswise by each stride alternately in flexion and in extension.

This movement pattern is particularly effective for a functional core, developpes the overall endurance and is broadly applicable (i.a. running, kicking, throwing, climbing, swimming…).

relive the nature, revive your nature!

You are disturbed with sitting so much and feel that you had better become more active. Together we will identify any physical constraints and explore resolutions to them through adapting real world movements (i.a. running, crawling, climbing, swimming…). Our first objective is, that you are able to participate in your surroundings free of pain.

unlock your potential, just around the corner!

You are already active but look to broaden your all-round movement, in order to maximise your potential towards experiencing your surroundings. Together we will gradually address your physical imbalances, often consequence of sport specialisations, through our scientifically proven Contrast Training System. Our first objective is, that you are able to explore your surroundings dynamically.

live from water and natural food!

Your meals will taste you even better, from the moment when you know why you’ve chosen it. Through ongoing food coaching we will gently replace your cravings, often a result of external influences, by a mindful nutrition. Our first objective is, that you are able to choose the very best compromise.

personal trainer and coach for body, mind and soul

Through John’s empathy, tireless devotion and ability to motivate, you will be guided to an experience of achievement. John’s ability to convey technical theories with easy to follow demonstrations will ensure you effortlessly retain the important details. Whether in French, German or English, John is ready to respond to your needs.

bare essentials to progress anywhere in Stuttgart

Best in the nature or in park, at home or at office, in swimming pool or in bouldering gym, there is always a suitable place in your surroundings. Employing the explorative mindset, John will explain how to expand your vision to quickly begin recognising the incredible opportunities available to you.


Free training advice consultation. 96€ Personal Training (1:1) or 128€ Partner Training (1:2) per contact hour.

These include the analysis of your current physical state, recommending adapted movements and nutritional advice and your individual training program. John will do his best to find an agreeable schedule that works for you.

Receive a free training hour for yourself if you book ten hours within five weeks of your first consultation, or if after your first booking an acquaintance of yours subscribes to one of our offerings. Gift vouchers can be made out individually.

Contact John: +49 151 4048 7711, Facebook/JEEhlinger

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